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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shenhua Moon Festival - Quirang Country Gardens 17th September 2013

Shenhua celebrated a traditional Moon Festival
at Quirang Country Gardens
last Tuesday 17th September..

This was a very challenging event to decorate.
As upto lunchtime the Monday before there was a possibility of a venue change!
It had been pouring rain all day Monday & Tuesday 
and it stopped just intime for the start of the celebration!
Timing was perfect!

But due to the dreadful rain, there were some other decorations we had planned
for that couldn't be done on the exterior due to the rain
and the havock it could play on expensive equipment!

Even though we had so many hurdles,
the event came off with flying colours
and lots of possitive comments from the Management of Shenhua
and the many community members in attendance.

Marquee 1:
About 70 odd Lanterns with LED Lights.

Plants were from
Lease Leaves

I hung white LED lights all around both marquees

We used Periwinkle Blue Satin Table Clothes.
Large Urns with Black Willow and LED light Centrepieces

Marquee 2:

Around 25 lanterns
LED Lights hung around the marquee

 We also had two tall bar tables at the entrances provided by Enchanted Events & Balloons

LED Lights threaded through the garden
A dozen lanterns hung through the trees. 

Candlebags around the gardens and Marquee
Battery operated lights up the trees.

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